Why Are Dental Exams Necessary?


Visiting the dentist office is not most people’s idea of a good time. Dental fear is very common, and you may wonder why to see the dentist if you are not having any tooth pain. While being scared of the dentist is normal and common, you should not neglect your oral hygiene out of fear. Routine exams are a necessary part of keeping your mouth healthy, and you should visit your dentist at least twice a year. At a routine exam, your doctor can diagnose any tooth decay, oral cancers, or tooth replacement options.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a progressive process. If you do not have a decayed tooth restored, the cavity will continue to get larger and possibly cause pain. When cavities are detected when they are small, a dentist can often restore the tooth with a small filling material. This is much less invasive than procedures that are required to save a badly decayed tooth, such as a root canal or cap on the tooth. When you see your dentist for regular checkups, they can pinpoint any areas of tooth decay that can be treated early and possibly prevent pain from a cavity that would continue to grow.

Oral Cancers

Oral cancer is on the rise, and early detection can be a pivotal part of a successful treatment. If you wait until a sore in your mouth is much larger or more painful than when you first discovered it, it could be cancer that is progressing into the next stages. At a routine dental visit, your dentist can check the oral tissues for any signs of cancer; this is a great step to catch any cancers when they are in the beginning stages.

Tooth Replacement

If you have lost teeth in the past due to tooth decay or gum disease, you may have less chewing ability than others. You may also feel embarrassed by missing teeth. As dentistry progresses, there are new replacement options for missing teeth. When you are visiting your dentist regularly, he or she can introduce any new replacement options to you, as well as monitor your progress with any tooth replacements you may already have, such as dentures or implants.

Visiting your dentist does not have to be a scary experience. When you find a staff that makes you comfortable and puts your health first, you can feel less anxious about your routine dental exams. If it has been too long since you saw a dentist, call to schedule an appointment today and take a step towards better oral health.


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