Common Reasons People See Psychologists

Common Reasons People See Psychologists

Sometimes life challenges are so overwhelming that it seems impossible to move forward. Whether you’re dealing with ongoing feelings of anxiety or grief from the death of a loved one, help is available. A clinical psychotherapist may help you navigate life’s ups and downs, unpack your bottled up feelings, and re-adjust your mindset so that you can get your life back on track.

Everyone experiences challenges on the journey of life, and many people see psychologists to get the help they need to see them through them. Here are some common reasons people see psychologists.

Anxiety and Stress

Life is full of stressful events, and many situations can cause you to worry about or be fearful of the immediate or distant future, leading to anxiety. Stress and anxiety, if left unaddressed, can lead to worsened anxiety and panic disorder, depression, social isolation, and a variety of other problems. A psychologist can help you deal with stress and anxiety by identifying the source or cause of the issues, and then suggest appropriate ways to overcome them.


Death and loss are inevitable life events, but the fact that they are shared human experiences doesn’t make them easier to deal with. Everyone handles the loss of a loved relative, friend, or pet differently. Grieving is an individual process, but some people may get caught up in avoiding the realities of loss, leading to more prolonged and lingering problems. A psychologist can suggest or help you discover appropriate and healthy ways to cope with the loss of someone close to you.


Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness can be overwhelming and are common signs of depression. While many believe people should pull themselves up and snap out of depression, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Depression is a widespread disorder. Depressed people lose interest in things, experience pain and fatigue, and may have trouble controlling their emotions. Psychologists can help you take steps towards addressing the source of your depression and provide support to help you overcome it.

Addictions and Unhealthy Behaviors

Unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors are often used to self-medicate or escape larger underlying problems. A psychologist can help you get to those problems.

Family and Relationship Issues

Relationships are dynamic and can have many ups and downs. Whether they are family, personal, or work-related, they can be a source of stress and problems while also being some of the best things in life. Working with a clinical psychologist can help you to gain a neutral perspective and smooth the bumps that occur in even the strongest relationships.


Phobias are unfounded and sometimes unusual fears that can create significant problems in your life. An experienced clinical psychotherapist can help you begin to face and overcome your phobias so that you can live free of them.

Sometimes phobias arise when a person associates an unfounded fear with a traumatic event like an accident or other trauma. If you’ve developed a phobia or other mental disorder as a result of an accident, your treatment with a psychologist may be covered in the damages awarded in a personal injury lawsuit. Schedule an appointment with a therapist to find out further details.


Source: therapist Great Falls, VA, Lindsay Hoskins & Associates

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