Is Child Chiropractic Really Safe?


Chiropractic has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with more than 50 million Americans this year alone expected to visit a specialist for relief of everything from back pain to headaches. Nearly a quarter of those are expected to be children. It may come as a surprise that developing bodies could benefit from this type of treatment and parents may even question if it’s safe. Not only is chiropractic believed to be safe for children of all ages, but practitioners also say getting them started early can help keep their skeletal system in good condition for years to come.

Understanding Chiropractic

While many of us have heard of chiropractic and have even seen offices popping up around our neighborhoods, just what this modality involves may still remain a mystery. Chiropractic is best described as a licensed medical specialty focused on improving joint and spine function through precise manual adjustments. The goal is to minimize the use of medicines and surgical interventions, while encouraging the body to heal itself. Benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments are believed to range from lessened joint stiffness to improved nerve function.

Chiropractic for Kids

While many of the problems chiropractic targets are associated with aging, specialists say children are not immune to some of the same issues. Spinal misalignments in children are often the result of things like:

  • Car accidents
  • Birth trauma
  • Poor posture

Even simple childhood falls may lead to cumulative micro-injuries that lead to pain down the road. If your child has taken their fair share of tumbles, was involved in an auto accident or plays contact sports, a chiropractic adjustment can be a good way to give their body a reset.

Benefits for Kids

The chiropractic adjustment for a child is not unlike that for an adult. The specialist will assess your child’s spinal health and make adjustments using their hands to pop and crack misaligned joints. Specialists in chiropractic for children will use less forceful adjustments modified to keep your child safe. For adults, these adjustments often relieve stiffness and pain. For kids, however, chiropractic is believed to have a wider range of effects. Parents commonly report improvement in a child’s sleep, eating habits and even behavior.

Chiropractic treatment is believed to be safe for children as young as newborn, with benefits that can last a lifetime. But safety is key in their still-developing bodies. If you want to explore the benefits of chiropractic for your child, call a specialist in children’s chiropractic today.

Source: Chiropractor Glen Burnie, MD, Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Chiropractic